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Segway for Business


Specifically designed to maneuver varied terrain and handle the most demanding applications, the Segway x2 takes the challenge out of traveling the outdoors.

With the x2, outdoor areas are as accessible as interior spaces. Low-pressure tyres, scratch-resistant fenders and convenient fender frame lift handles allow your staff to easily maneuver a variety of terrains without disrupting the condition of your grounds. And with no fuel or heavy maintenance required, you can achieve your off-pavement applications without compromising cost or quality.

x2 Specs

  • Weight
    120 lbs
    54.4 kg
  • Tyre

  • Footprint

  • Max Speed
    12.5 mph
    20 kmh

  • Range
    Up to 12 mi

*wide low-pressure tyres

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X2 Police
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x2 At a Glance
  • Wireless InfoKey™ controller
  • Rugged fender frames double as lift handles, making transportation into or out of a vehicle quick and easy; frames also accommodate cargo accessories
  • Saphion® lithium-ion batteries
  • Deeply treaded, all-terrain tyres navigate a variety of landscapes with ease

Personalize your x2

Customize your x2 with these useful accessories.


PT Support

Check out our FAQ, manuals and guides, and safety studies for a full range of Segway PT information.