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Saving Hundreds of Dollars Per Week.

Jeff Lauterette

In his 30's
Computer Consultant and Co-owner of Mid Atlantic Consulting, Inc.
Washington, DC

I run a Macintosh Computer Consulting company in the Washington, DC area. Because of my job, I have to drive my car a couple kilometres about 3 to 4 times a day. Each time there is traffic that can take a half-hour to go 2 miles and parking fees of up to $25 per lot. Now I park in one lot, zip past traffic, and save up to $50 or $75 dollars a day.

Using the Segway PT also allows me to respond to computer emergencies more quickly. Since such emergencies bill at a higher rate, the Segway PT is making us more per week in addition to saving on the parking. I estimate several hundred dollars a week in savings due to my Segway PT.

In Washington DC, the cars practically run over pedestrians. But something funny happened to me the other day. I was at a crosswalk on my Segway PT with a "Do not walk" sign. Two cars stopped. I waved them on and they waived me on, so I crossed the street. I guess the attention the Segway PT gets is the same in any big city, but I was still amazed!

I drive from my house in Springfield, Virginia to Washington, DC and park in a local parking garage. I then take out my Segway PT and travel to my first client. I ride it right in the building, up the elevator, and park it out of the way. I try to plug it in at most client locations. During the day I will visit a few more clients the same way in DC and then finish my day back at the garage. If I have to leave DC and go to another city like Baltimore, the Segway PT comes with me. I bought an A/C inverter to charge my Segway PT while I am driving.

On weekends I work with the music industry. Bands like Jimmy Buffett, Aerosmith, Brooks and Dunn, and others. I usually bring the Segway PT out to shows, which allows me to get around backstage very easily. The band members also love to try it out, and some have even decided to buy them!

My goal is to educate people about the Segway PT. It is the people who don't understand it or have never tried one themselves that often complain about it. I also try to make it a point that pedestrians still have the right of way; I will always stand still to let a pedestrian pass. Then when they say "Thank you!" I know that I am earning their respect.

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